Monday, April 30, 2012

Tomorrow's Promise

"Tomorrow, tomorrow... Always tomorrow!" Bela said out of frustration. 

We were in the mall yesterday afternoon and Bela kept pointing at toys she wanted for herself. 

And since we don't want to just give in to her every whim, Patty, Bela's mother, kept telling her, "Not now, Bela. Maybe tomorrow."

"Why do you always say tomorrow? Why not now?" Bela was almost shouting.

"So you want them now?" Patty tried to talk sense to our three year old. "There's a way you can do just that. Why don't you start working? Do some chores so you can be paid. Money has to be earned, my dear."

Bela paused, looked at Patty and smiled.

"Ah it's okay. I'll just wait for tomorrow."

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